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18278Krishnamurti Talking To Himself

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  • medit8ionsociety
    May 16, 2012
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      Towards the very end of his long life, It became
      too hard for Krishnamurti's shaky hand to write and
      so he dictated his thoughts on to tape recordings.
      So here we have Krishnamurti talking to himself. Enjoy!

      "You should really forget the word meditation. That
      word has been corrupted. The ordinary meaning of
      that word - to ponder over, to consider, to think
      about - is rather trivial and ordinary. If you want
      to understand the nature of meditation you should
      really forget the word because you cannot possibly
      measure with words that which is not measurable, that
      which is beyond all measure. No words can convey it,
      nor any systems, modes of thought, practice or discipline.
      Meditation - or rather if we could find another word
      which has not been so mutilated, made so ordinary,
      corrupt, which has become the means of earning a great
      deal of money - if you can put aside the word, then
      you begin quietly and gently to feel a movement that
      is not of time. Again, the word movement implies time -
      what is meant is a movement that has no beginning or
      end. A movement in the sense of a wave: wave upon wave,
      starting from nowhere and with no beach to crash upon.
      It is an endless wave. Time, however slow it is, is
      rather tiresome. Time means growth, evolution, to become,
      to achieve, to learn, to change. And time is not the
      way of that which lies far beyond the word meditation.
      Time has nothing to do with it. Time is the action
      of will, of desire, and desire cannot in any way
      [word or words inaudible here] - it lies far beyond
      the word meditation."