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18237Paramhansa Yogananda With Mindfulness Advise

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Apr 5 12:57 PM
      Try to feel, when walking out of doors, that everything
      around you is part of your own expanded awareness.

      Behold the leaves trembling on the trees, and try
      to feel their movement. Imagine in that movement that
      God is expressing His thoughts and inspirations.

      Watch the meadow grasses as they wave in the wind.
      Imagine the breeze as God's breath blowing over the
      world, inspiring all beings and giving them life.

      Listen to the birds singing. Feel that God, through
      their songs, is trying to reach you with feelings of
      divine gladness.

      Be aware of the sun's rays on your skin. Think of the
      heat you feel from the sun as God's energy. Let it fill
      your body with vitality and power. Imagine divine energy,
      through the sunlight, strengthening creatures everywhere on earth.