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18232Re: A Nasrudin Tale Shared by Paulo Coelho

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  • walto
    Apr 3, 2012
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      > > > "You are mistaken," replied Nasrudin. "The best way
      > > > of dominating a desire, is to satisfy it.
      > >
      > > NB: Please don't pass this on to your friends who have a taste for Oxycontin or have lost over $100K in Vegas in the past couple of years.
      > >
      > > W
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      > Well, if you are referring to "desire" from a Buddhist
      > perspective (Thanha - "craving") then addiction would
      > make Nasrudin's teaching nonsensical (as are most of
      > his when not looked at/into in at least 7 ways as Sufi's do).
      > Here, it's very likely that what is being pointed to
      > is "Light", the universal desire. And with some reflection,
      > the Mullah's pointing makes all the sense in the universe.

      Hunh. The story you posted doesn't actually mention or suggest "Light" or any such universal desire. Rather, it focuses on "A fine plate of sweets left on the table" which Nasrudin "made all his disciples eat" because, he tells us, the way to conquer desire is to satisfy it.

      Admittedly, however, I'm leaving out the other (at least) 6 ways of reading that story.


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