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18228A Nasrudin Tale Shared by Paulo Coelho

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Apr 2, 2012
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      All Nasrudin's disciples were gathered at a feast.
      They ate and drank for several hours, and talked
      about the origins of the stars. The night drew on
      and everyone made ready to go home.

      A fine plate of sweets was left on the table: Nasrudin
      made all his disciples eat it.

      One, however, refused.

      "The master is testing us," he said. "He wants to see
      whether we can control our desires."

      "You are mistaken," replied Nasrudin. "The best way
      of dominating a desire, is to satisfy it. I would rather
      you had the sweets in your bellies – their rightful
      place – than in your minds, which should be filled with
      nobler things."
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