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18206Re: The Thinker and Thought by J. Krishnamurti

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  • walto
    Mar 14, 2012
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, medit8ionsociety <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > "walto" <calhorn@> wrote:
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      > > Thanks, but I wasn't actually referring to the ACCEPTANCE of Krishnamurti's no-self assertions. In my view, such claims not only are but, SHOULD be controversial. They're extremely complicated, and many brilliant thinkers of all stripes have disagreed about them for thousands of years. I don't take it as my task to agree with one or another of these positions. If I did, I'd hightail it to some hypnotist and give him/her detailed instructions. That might even be faster than the meditation techniques you've suggested.
      > >
      > > The quest to believe this or that is a religious one. I don't want to criticize it here, but...it's not my way.
      > >
      > > OTOH, I do kind of admire your way of taking nearly every question you see here as a request for a serum. You're kindly and always want to help--as if all philosophical, or even scientific questions could be cleared up by breathing exercises. It's sweet.
      > >
      > > W
      > "Condescension condenses consciousness."

      Milk too, I've heard!

      Seriously, though, I meant my attribution of kindness and sweetness quite literally. You misunderstood me, I think. It was supposed to be a compliment.

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