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18173Re: Question about the Eightfold Path and "catharsis"

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  • walto
    Feb 23, 2012
      Thanks, Bob.


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      > > Hi, folks.
      > >
      > > I was wondering if any of the mavens here would
      > be willing to provide their thoughts on whether
      > they think there's any conflict between the "Right
      > Thinking/Right Action/Right Speech" portions of the
      > Eightfold Path and conventional views according to
      > which it is healthy for unconscious thoughts (even
      > angry or mean ones) to be brought to consciousness
      > and perhaps even expressed. If some anger is being
      > repressed, can it be conducive to well-being to "keep
      > it bottled up"? (I take it a Primal Scream isn't
      > Right Speech.)
      > >
      > > Also, is this an empirical question, do you think,
      > so that the best way of answering it is to see what
      > works (or what has been shown to work in properly
      > designed studies), or do you take it rather to be
      > something that is deducible from one's view of the
      > mind? For example, do you think that the benefits
      > of following the Eightfold Path are simply deducible
      > from the concept of dependent origination? That is,
      > can one agree with the latter without accepting all
      > of the former?
      > >
      > > Any thoughts on these matters are welcome. Thanks!
      > >
      > > Best,
      > >
      > > W
      > >
      > Great question! I think that there is a meditative
      > tactic that "solves" this by making "Right" action,
      > speech, thinking,... everything ... automatic.
      > It is found in this technique that the Dalai Lama
      > has been said to do every day, and involves witnessing
      > your life and reversing inappropriate actions into
      > "right" ones when you see them. I hope this is
      > beneficial. Similarly, on the post following W's, there
      > is another "solution" that comes from the Toltec Path
      > as shared by don Juan. Enjoy!
      > The Dalai Lama Meditation
      > ( http://www.meditationsociety.com/week6.html )
      > The Dalai Lama has been acknowledged by Tibetan
      > Buddhists to be a reincarnation of the God of
      > Compassion and by the world in general to be a
      > Nobel Peace Prize winner but few know him to be
      > a practicing meditator. All his life, he has been
      > surrounded by masters of meditation and has been
      > initiated into many different techniques. It is
      > therefore appropriate that we pay attention when
      > he points out one method so valuable that he does it everyday:
      > Remember when you were a kid and they often had
      > cartoons where someone had a devil on one shoulder
      > and an angel on the other and they were whispering
      > into an ear -- one encouraging doing "bad" and
      > one doing "good". In a way, that's the basis of
      > the Dalai Lama Meditation technique.
      > Sit quietly, calmly with eyes closed, as relaxed yet
      > aware as you can be. Visualize yourself on the left
      > side of your minds eye as you would appear to yourself
      > and others in a moment of impatience. Really see
      > this inner vision. Watch your face, observe your
      > body language. What does your impatient self look
      > like? On the right side of your minds eye, see yourself
      > when you are very patient. What do you look like when
      > you have a lifetime of time. As tense as you appeared
      > on the left as your impatient self, see yourself as
      > relaxed in your patience on the right. Now on the
      > left side, see yourself as you appear when you're
      > depressed. Look carefully. How does that make you
      > feel? Can you be aware of the aura of doom and gloom
      > you're radiating? And then, on the right side of your
      > minds eye, see yourself as you are when you're joyous.
      > Merge with that happiness. Know how others would see you.
      > Continue seeing all the seemingly negative feelings
      > and behaviors on the inner left-hand side of your
      > minds eye and the opposite on the right. On the left,
      > see yourself as jealous and on the right as how you
      > appear when you are truly glad for someone else's
      > sucess or happiness. On the left, see the bigoted
      > you and on the right, the all-embracing. On the left
      > the mean, on the right the sweet. See the stupid you
      > and the brilliant. See the clumsy and the graceful.
      > On the left, see the unsatisfied and on the right,
      > the contented.
      > Go on and on, becoming familiar with the "you" on
      > the left and the opposite "you" on the right. Then
      > see the total "you" who would be there on the left
      > if none of the characteristics of the right side
      > were present. Now see the "you" who would be the
      > totality of yourself with the right side only if
      > none of the behaviors and feelings of the left side
      > "you" had ever appeared.
      > The Dalai Lama tells us that there is nothing else
      > necessary because just by seeing your negative
      > left-side self, you will become so disgusted with
      > yourself when you witness yourself acting in any
      > of the left side ways that you will automatically
      > cease any of those actions and start doing and
      > feeling the right-side actions. Eventually, you
      > will become the right-side you exclusively. Eventually,
      > you will have peace, compassion, wisdom, good health,
      > patience, and all the other glorious aspects of life.
      > This technique has the potential to change your
      > life profoundly for the better. It is one of the
      > best antidotes for negativity. It is consistent
      > with his unlimited compassion that the Dalai Lama
      > has shared it with us.
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