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  • cosmic_yogi1
    Feb 10, 2012
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      Thanks for the glimpse of Reality Dan.


      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "dan330033" <dan330033@...> wrote:
      > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, medit8ionsociety <no_reply@> wrote:
      > >
      > > It is fashionable by so-called Realized Ones
      > > to say that there is nothing to do, and no effort
      > > you can make to gain the state of Enlightenment/Cosmic Consciousness/Realization, etc. (whatever you
      > > want to call "IT"), because that already is the
      > > reality. It is just a matter of experience and
      > > realizing the Truth. And this comes about unbidden
      > > and unprecedented by any cause and effect. But yet
      > > there is a multi-thousand year old tradition that
      > > says that meditation is a valuable tool and has
      > > preceded their Enlightenment by virtually every
      > > Realized One. So, if there is nothing to do and
      > > no effort necessary, what's the deal with this?
      > D: Good point, Bob. So, here's a response to "what's the deal with this?"
      > The deal is that there is a gulf of a trillion miles between saying the words/having the idea - and the actuality of what it is to *be* this "doing-nothing Reality" ...
      > Saying the words, "Realization is doing nothing" is doing something.
      > Believing the words, is doing something.
      > Any believing or speaking is a doing.
      > To say, "one is doing nothing" is misunderstood, because the words are taken for the actuality - and a person believes something has been understood and some kind of realization took place.
      > To actually "BE - doing nothing" is beyond categories - including categories like being/not being - or doing/not doing.
      > Having a reference to any category is a doing.
      > By "doing" is meant: any sense of a doer, a haver, a knower, an existence for one who does, who has, who knows ...
      > Anywhere!
      > So, this is easily misinterpreted in a personal way: Joe Blow realized that there is no do-er. But to have any sensation, feeling, knowledge of being Joe Blow realizing something - is a doing.
      > Thus, Buddha said, "this is nirvana" (i.e., a candle flame is snuffed)
      > Seeing this - there is nothing "wrong" about any perceived action - including meditating, praying, chanting, singing, playing music, painting, making knives, teaching, speaking, swimming.
      > All actions are perceived.
      > There is no separately existing perceiver of it.
      > So, meditating isn't to get you to a special state - because any special state would be a transitory perceiving, not inclusive of all perceiving.
      > Meditating is an action perceived as it occurs.
      > There isn't any action being perceived anywhere, that isn't to happen exactly at that apparent moment of time/space.
      > Meditation is defined in different ways.
      > One way to define it: being present. nothing to say or do. no separately existing perceiver. noticing what is, in simple being. for example, noticing breathing as it occurs - choicelessly. not by trying to have a special experience of what it's like to notice breathing.
      > This awareness is present whether meditating, or non-meditating.
      > Realization that is this *being aware*, regardless of what activity occurs, is called by some Tibetans: non-meditation. Yet, they include meditation as a key art in their way of expressing liberation. And they include painting, and drama, and chanting, and music.
      > A well-rounded way of expressing - although the Chinese didn't seem to see it like that ...
      > I added nothing new below - although I enjoyed the way you answered the question you posed at the end.
      > - Dan
      > > The Witness factor
      > >
      > > Reality can only take place NOW, so any event
      > > that doesn't take place in the now can be excluded
      > > in any discussion about reality. As an example,
      > > most people spend about 99% of their mental time
      > > fantasizing about the future or rehashing the past,
      > > so all of these thoughts have nothing to do with
      > > reality. Similarly, because of how we are wired
      > > neurologically, all sense data we receive is always
      > > late in arriving, and thus can't be relied on to
      > > give us a true picture of the now/reality. For
      > > instance, as you read these words, the image of
      > > the words that are on the page take time to reach
      > > your eye, and then the image is sent along your
      > > vision nerve path and transmitted to various parts
      > > of your brain where their significance is received,
      > > analyzed as to relevance, and stored. This takes
      > > time, and just as when we see stars in the sky and
      > > are told that their light has taken many years to
      > > reach us, all visual images have also taken time,
      > > and what we see is actually what has past, and not
      > > what is. This is also the same for what we hear,
      > > taste, smell, and touch. Similarly, our emotions
      > > and thoughts are merely reactive messages from the past.
      > >
      > > There is only one constant thing that has always
      > > been operating in the present for our entire life,
      > > and it is still available to us now. When we were
      > > babies, we would and could look out at the world
      > > without the comparisons, judgments and commentary
      > > that we now do. The "tool" we used is our inner
      > > Witness. And the potential to use it is ever available.
      > > But this option has been buried under uncountable
      > > physical, emotional, and mental habitual reactivity
      > > patterns. This Witness is what can observe our physical,
      > > emotional, and mental activity at any time.
      > >
      > > Here's a little exercise that demonstrates first
      > > hand what we are discussing….. Which nostril is
      > > inhaling more air right now? There is no answer
      > > per se, and it isn't a matter of right or left.
      > > What we want to recognize is the "thing" that can
      > > see the distinction. This is your inner Witness.
      > > It can also see what you are feeling emotionally
      > > in this now. What are you feeling? Now be in contact
      > > with your inner Witness and for a moment watch what
      > > thoughts are flowing by. See?! There is nothing
      > > closer to you than THIS. But how often are you in
      > > touch with IT? Well, here's where meditation comes into IT.
      > >
      > > Meditation and Witnessing
      > >
      > > There is nothing better than meditation for placing
      > > you in the Witness position, and this is where you
      > > must be to experience your life as it takes place
      > > in a real way. When there, the world is known as
      > > a non-dual experience, and when not in the "living
      > > life as it takes place now Witness posture", life
      > > and reality always appear as dualistic. Here's how IT works….
      > >
      > > Part of the process of Meditation involves concentration.
      > > This is done by intently and intensely placing all of
      > > one's attention on one focal point. There may then
      > > be some distractions, but the meditator simply goes
      > > back to refocusing their attention on the object of
      > > meditation (which could be the breath, the environment,
      > > a word or phrase said repeatedly, a visual item…
      > > whatever). And at some point the concentration is so
      > > complete that distractions cease, all effort stops,
      > > and meditation simply and effortlessly comes to the
      > > practitioner. Here the underlying reality of unity
      > > that is the nature of all and everything is presented
      > > in the present, as the greatest of all presents,
      > > to the meditator. And life as it is becomes an experience
      > > and not just a concept. The illusionary separation
      > > of "me and the rest of the universe" fades away much
      > > like what happens when we go to the theater and a
      > > movie ends and `real life' begins again. And knowledge
      > > of the truth that our inner Witness is in fact the
      > > Witness of all creation is known experientially.
      > > To some, this may involve being thrust outside of the
      > > limits of the mind and senses and the visual, tactile,
      > > sonic, intellectual, and so on, fields open to the
      > > reality of our eternal atomic and pre-atomic nature,
      > > as well as to our transcendent of the physical body,
      > > Earth, solar system, galactic, universal and
      > > trans-universal connectivity. And realization that
      > > there is and always has been an infinite consciousness
      > > peering through our, and everyone and everything's,
      > > figurative eyes witnessing all of creation eternally
      > > as singular, non-dual, and characterized as Love,
      > > Truth, Consciousness and Bliss.
      > >
      > > But is this, or any other experience that can be
      > > described in words necessarily a part of the non-dual
      > > event? No! As that famous idiom of Biblical sounding
      > > mere words puts it "To each his own." is the actual case.
      > >
      > > Meditation as a Way
      > >
      > > There cannot be any antecedent for what has always
      > > been, is, and will always be. So in fact neither
      > > meditation, prayer, service, good deeds, nor any
      > > other actions can be labeled as a point A that will
      > > lead you to point B, which in this case we can label
      > > Enlightenment inclusive of a non-dual experiential
      > > nature. But there is much anecdotal evidence (yes,
      > > this is fantasy in a sense, as well as anything and
      > > any concept is) that the vast majority of Realized
      > > One's have been meditators at some point in their life,
      > > and it can be surmised that in a way this did prepare
      > > them in a way much like what a farmer does when they
      > > plant a crop. It removed the weeds and other impurities,
      > > and prepared the soil to give the seeds the best chance
      > > possible for the miracle of life and growth to occur.
      > > But, as it is with farming, the eventual birth and
      > > growth of sweet fruit can only take place by Grace.
      > >
      > > So, should we Meditate or not relative to non-duality?
      > >
      > > Yes.
      > >
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