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18142Re: Aideen Zenji: On the Ancient Mirror

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  • dan330033
    Jan 27, 2012
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      Ouch, ouch - the Bright Mirror on all sides ...

      What to do, what to do?

      Smiles to you, Aideen,

      - Dan

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      > Dan, you make my head hurt. But it seems that makes a tiny chink that lets
      > the light through. Thanks.
      > Aideen
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      > Mirror
      > What all Buddhas and Ancestors accept, preserve, and individually pass on is
      > the Ancient Mirror.
      > "It is Their same view and Their same face: It is Their same
      > image and Their same casting, for They have done the same training and have
      > realized the same Truth.
      > When foreigners come, foreigners appear in It, be they
      > eight thousand or a hundred thousand; when Han (non-foreigners) come, Han
      > appear in It, be it for a single moment or for all of time.
      > When things of the past come, things of the past appear in It; when things
      > of the present come, things of the present appear in It.
      > When a Buddha comes, a Buddha appears in It; when an Ancestor comes, an
      > Ancestor appears in It."
      > " The Great Round Mirror of all Buddhas
      > Is neither flawed within nor beclouded without.
      > We two can see It the same way,
      > For we are alike in both Mind and Eye."
      > Kayashata (cited by Dogen)
      > "When we say that this Mirror is unstained both within and without, we mean
      > that It is not an inside that depends upon something outside, or an outside
      > blurred by something inside. It has never had a front and a back: both
      > perspectives can be viewed alike, for the Mind and Eye of Sōgyanandai
      > and Kayashata resembled each other. `Resembling each other' means that `a
      > person' has encountered another `person'. Even the forms and images within
      > have minds and eyes, and can likewise see: even the forms and images without
      > have minds and eyes, and can likewise see. Both their outer, objective world
      > and their inner, subjective being, as they now appeared, resembled each
      > other within and resembled each other without. They were beyond `I', beyond
      > `other'-this is just two `persons' looking at each other, two `persons'
      > being alike. The one who is `other' also speaks of himself as `I', and your
      > `I' is also his `other'."
      > Dogen
      > " Enlightenment really has no tree it abides in,
      > Nor is the Clear Mirror a mirrored dressing-stand.
      > From the first not a single thing exists,
      > So from where is dust or dirt to arise?"
      > Daikan Eno
      > Dogen: "We need to explore what this is saying. People in his generation
      > called Great Ancestor Enō the Old Buddha. Meditation Master Engo said,
      > "The Old Buddha Daikan Enō is the one I bow to in deepest respect."
      > Thus, you need to recognize that Great Ancestor Daikan Enō displayed
      > the Clear Mirror through his saying, "From the first not a single thing
      > exists, so from where is dust or dirt to arise?"
      > "Nor is the Clear Mirror a mirrored dressing-stand." This statement contains
      > the very lifeblood that we should strive hard to comprehend.
      > All that is clear and bright is the Clear Mirror; thus it is said, "When a
      > bright-headed one comes, a bright-headed one responds in kind." Because It
      > is beyond being any `where', there is no `where' for It to be in. What is
      > more, can there possibly be a single dust mote anywhere in the universe that
      > is not in the Mirror? Can there possibly be a single dust mote on the Mirror
      > that is not of the Mirror? Keep in mind that the whole universe is beyond
      > being merely `lands as numerous as dust motes'. As a consequence, the
      > universe is the face of the Ancient Mirror.
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