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18134Re: Daikan Eno's poem

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  • dan330033
    Jan 26, 2012

      " Enlightenment really has no tree it abides in,
      Nor is the Clear Mirror a mirrored dressing-stand.

      From the first not a single thing exists,
      So from where is dust or dirt to arise?"

      Daikan Eno

      This poem, which Dogen cited, was written in response to, and as a kind of refutation of, another poem. The other poem, which was presented by the chief disciple of a teacher named Konin, (who was also Eno's teacher), is given below. Monks at the monastery thought the chief disciple who wrote the poem below would be Kōnin's Dharma heir (but it didn't turn out that way):

      "Our body is a bodhi tree,
      Our mind like a dressing-stand with its clear mirror;
      Time upon time let us strive to wipe it clean
      And let not dust or dirt abide thereon."

      As a result of the poems presented by the two disciples, Eno was selected to be Dharma heir (a hotly contested honor, at the time), and the chief disciple wasn't particularly happy about that ...

      ... but so it goes ...


      - Dan

      > Dogen: "We need to explore what this is saying. People in his generation called Great Ancestor Enō the Old Buddha. Meditation Master Engo said, "The Old Buddha Daikan Enō is the one I bow to in deepest respect." Thus, you need to recognize that Great Ancestor Daikan Enō displayed the Clear Mirror through his saying, "From the first not a single thing exists, so from where is dust or dirt to arise?"
      > "Nor is the Clear Mirror a mirrored dressing-stand." This statement contains the very lifeblood that we should strive hard to comprehend.
      > All that is clear and bright is the Clear Mirror; thus it is said, "When a bright-headed one comes, a bright-headed one responds in kind." Because It is beyond being any `where', there is no `where' for It to be in. What is more, can there possibly be a single dust mote anywhere in the universe that is not in the Mirror? Can there possibly be a single dust mote on the Mirror that is not of the Mirror? Keep in mind that the whole universe is beyond being merely `lands as numerous as dust motes'. As a consequence, the universe is the face of the Ancient Mirror.
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