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18125Re: The Blank Screen Meditation

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  • walto
    Jan 21, 2012
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, medit8ionsociety <no_reply@...> wrote:

      "Your inner Witness is what is capable of observing
      your minds creations. It is always here, now. Your
      senses operate when you are awake, and you react slave-like
      to their input. Your mind alone is in operation when
      you dream."

      FWlittleIW, Sri Bob, that is not my (Bhuddist/Humean) take on the matter.

      As Chandrakirti states:

      "A chariot is not asserted to be other than its parts,
      Nor non-other. It also does not possess them.
      It is not in the parts, nor are the parts in it.
      It is not the mere collection [of its parts], nor is it their shape.
      [The self and the aggregates are] similar."

      And Padmasambhava states:

      "The mind that observes is also devoid of an ego or self-entity.
      It is neither seen as something different from the aggregates
      Nor as identical with these five aggregates.
      If the first were true, there would exist some other substance.

      "This is not the case, so were the second true,
      That would contradict a permanent self, since the aggregates are impermanent.
      Therefore, based on the five aggregates,
      The self is a mere imputation based on the power of the ego-clinging."


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