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18099Documentary Film(s) on Meditation

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  • Frank
    Dec 24, 2011

      I have produced two documentary films on spirituality that you are guaranteed to love.

      These documentaries are sure to invoke a lively discuss. The first film, Beyond Me, is about consciousness, instincts, personality disorders and evolution and makes a case for how meditation is the solution for human suffering.

      The second film, Beyond Belief, presents a case for Missing Knowledge that Jesus taught and that His authentic teachings have their roots in Vedanta.

      No matter what your spiritual background is, the knowledge in these films applies universally and is very profound & thought provoking.

      Both films are available to view at no charge at



      Have a Happy New Year!!


      ps--I do not make any money from them and I'm not trying to sell anything. The sole intention is to just share this knowledge in an easy to understand format.
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