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18088Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation - 22 December 2011

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Dec 16, 2011
      Dear The Meditation Society of America,

      Didjshop.com invites you to become part of a big
      global event, namely to send a wave of didj sound
      around the earth on 22nd December,which is the summer
      solstice (or winter solstice in the northern hemisphere).

      We think this is a real cool idea and so do hundreds
      of people all around the world. In fact over 600
      locations in about 60 countries all around the world
      have already been registered!!!
      Now that makes it really cool and ensures that all
      together we will create a truly global link-up of
      didj players.

      The idea is really simple: everyone plays their didj
      at their local sunset time for 45 minutes and then
      sits in silence for 15 minutes. With so many people
      doing it we will create an almost continuous sound
      wave following the sunset around the world, check
      this map!. And we think the world can really do with
      a message from the Australian Aborigines, the oldest
      surviving culture on the planet, a culture which has
      learnt to look after land and nature...

      So please make sure you'll join this next Worldwide
      Didgeridoo Circle on the 22 December 2011 at your
      local sunset time. Together we will send a pretty
      strong wave of didgeridoo sound all around this
      beautiful planet.

      If you have already registered this is just a reminder
      for you to get your didj out and play, although you
      can update the number of people which are participating
      at your local event.

      If you are not yet registered or haven't participated
      before, please put yourself on the map and give it
      a try, everyone we heard from has really enjoyed the
      experience. The didj is ideally suited to bring us
      into a deeply meditative state, strong and centred
      and yet totally relaxed.

      A big THANK YOU to all of you who participated in
      the last Worldwide Didgeridoo meditation on 23 September 2011.
      Check out this world map showing all the places
      where people participated. Check it out, it looks
      really cool to see all those coloured dots around the globe!

      With your help we can make the next Worldwide Didj
      Meditation even bigger!

      On a different matter: if you would like to get two free tickets in the draw of a $1300 didj and if you have not yet answered the 2011 Didjshop questionnaire, please do so as soon as possible! This Win a Didgeridoo competition will close on 31st December 2011and the lucky winner will be drawn in January.

      Seasons Greetings and thank you for your support.