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18061Being aware beyond attachment

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  • dan330033
    Nov 30, 2011
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      Being aware is like empty space. It is boundless, not itself occupying space - has no preferences for what appears in it or through it as time and space and sensed objects.

      The persons who appear as sensory objects to be apprehended, may be judged as highly aware or as ignorant - by a mind process which apprehends these persons.

      Yet, that mind which apprehends persons and makes judgments, is itself a sensed object, along with its judgments about what is or isn't enlightened behavior.

      As a person is a sensed object, and therefore is appearing through *it*, and is recognized by *it*, is not itself the source of recognition and being.

      At the same time, whatever is appearing as a sensed object, is never separately existing from that to which it appears.

      Attachment to sensed objects, is itself a sensed object.

      Once this is clear, the "I" the "attachment" the "object of the attachment" is seen as the same process (of objectifying that which is not itself an object).

      Therefore, even "attachment" as it arises, is nonseparate from being aware.

      There is now no obstacle to undivided awareness, which is like empty space, unbounded and unlocated.

      - Dan
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