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17769Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Am I The Only One Who Is Going To Die?

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  • sean tremblay
    Aug 4, 2011
      Somebody give me a road map I'm getting confused.

      --- On Fri, 8/5/11, sandeep chatterjee <sandeep1960@...> wrote:

      From: sandeep chatterjee <sandeep1960@...>
      Subject: Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Am I The Only One Who Is Going To Die?
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      Date: Friday, August 5, 2011, 12:36 AM


      From: tarah513 <faithearden@...>
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      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Am I The Only One Who Is Going To Die?

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, sandeep chatterjee <sandeep1960@...> wrote:
      > Notice how some are depicted as "enlightened" and masses scramble to follow their every word...even though their physical life could be miserable as hell.
      > -------
      > Hi Faithe,
      > Interesting this comment.
      Faithe: Glad you found it "interesting".
      > In what way......is the " physical life miserable as hell" ( seemingly to an other).....of an "enlightened" object (once again labeled as so by the same other)...
      > ...in any way of any relevance to enlightenment( to use the terminology in this conversation)?
      > It is relevant.......if the assumption is that if an enlightened bozo cannot even make a million dollars or lead whatever is held to be a physical life not miserable as hell.....
      Faithe: Taking these comments together...what I was conveying is that judging whether or not there is a "proper" path or "blindly" following a path matters not one bit.
      If matters not one bit......then either all paths are proper/correct or all paths are blind.....and the moving from one path to the other, or the dropping of all paths......is all part of the "mattering not one bit".

      Is it not?

       Those (some who have offered guidance here) who follow the "guru" or "enlightened" person are prone to look at those out of the "club" as lacking something (physically or spiritually, no matter)...when in fact they have just chosen a certain path to follow, just different from others who may not even glance in their direction.


      Even if so.....that too is part of "mattering not one bit":-)
      > ...then the masses should run.
      Faithe: Just being part of the "mass" connotates "not running" but "following". It is the individual who can run.
      Following, whether as a crawl or as a sprint, or in the domain of mentation or in the realm of the heart....are all forms of running.

      Anyway what your previous  previous comment appeared to suggest was that people should run AWAY from Gurus who appear to lead a miserable personal life.

      Hence you appeared to suggest that such was a criteria, in order to assess, judge and conclude on the Guru-ish-ness of the Guru.

      > Is that what you hold to be the criteria for concluding on the quality of ......let's say "enlightened bozoness"?
      Faithe: I hold no criteria for "enlightened people". biological object named Jesusbiological object named biological object named biological object named

      Not doubt you would choose a business consultant who has at least made a million bucks using the spiel that he is offering you for your business strategies.....but here is a different ball game(so to say)

      Because you cannot possible know what is not in within the boundaries of the known.

      All that you know, have known......(and experiences are just the same with some attached bells and whistles)…..are all modifications and projections of the known.

      That which-is…….neither in the realm of thought nor in the realm of thoughtless....cannot have a known criteria which it must meet.

      And since this "not meeting a known criteria" is itself a criteria........even this is not applicable.
      Since the biological object with a name…...and irrespective of what is the bestowed label…

      …...is itself a mere thought of so......there is nothing as an enlightened person.

      The biological object named Jesus........an appearance in Christ....was/is not the Christ.
      The biological object named Lao Tzu.....an appearance in Tao.....was/is not the Tao.
      The biological object named Gautam......an appearance in Bodhi....was/is not Bodhi.
      So I know Faithe, the usual rejoinder would be....... how the hell do you Sandeep know .....in order to prattle all this crap:-)

      The biological conditioned object named Sandeep………an appearance …..with no bestowed label 

      AND leading a hell of a miserable personal life........knows nothing.

      And I know.
      And this knowingness ( to use a hackneyed term)..... needs no validation of itself ....... whether through an acceptance or agreement of an other or otherwise.

      For it has no space .......to admit even an other, let alone an other's acceptance or agreement.

      Or even itself.......as knowingness.

      All I am saying is that no one is NOT on a path, planned or otherwise. We do, we path, we not do, we path...get the drift?
      Yes, no one is not on a path.

      Neither is any one .....on any path.

      Caught the pheromones of the drift?
      Never mind:-)


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