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17766Re: [Meditation Society of America] Am I The Only One Who Is Going To Die?

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  • sean tremblay
    Aug 4 11:12 AM
      At the moment I don't but I'll get back to you on that.

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      sean tremblay <bethjams9@...> wrote:
      >  Do you have an example?
      Yo Sean,
      In his amazing book, All and Everything, Gurdjieff
      told the tale of the devil taking a journey back to
      heaven because God had forgiven him. To pass the time,
      he told his nephew the entire story of the history of
      mankind, as he had witnessed it all 1st hand. After
      over 1200 pages of tales, he ended the book with the devil
      telling his nephew that the single most odd thing he
      found un-understandable about humans was there complete
      unawareness of the inevitability of their death. 

      Yes, Bob.
      Because somehow the very strong conviction.......that death happens only to the other.
      There was once a study over a large sample size of people attending funerals.

      I can't remember the figures but a huge percentage of them after attending funeral, subsequently felt ravenously hungry/very much hungry.
      It seems that death is out there, never here.


      I see this all of the time. It plays out in many different ways, but generally I can say (and I will) that not seeing the finiteness of this little incarnation makes one miss the opportunity we have in every "Now" to be aware of life as it takes place, and this causes people to spend 99.999% of their life rehashing the past or fantasicizing about the future and going through their life as if sleepwalking. 
      Doing and saying and feeling in a rote reactive manner. Unable to do anything but predictable been there, done
      that things. The women I see, for instance, can't even sit comfortably because they were taught before they
      left 1st grade to sit with their legs together, and they do so even if they are the only one in the room. The
      men I work with lust after every women no differently than they did as teenagers. They are in a prison that
      can't be broken out of because they don't see the bars, and if any are pointed out to them, it is considered
      to be coming from a left wing goof, or whatever similar label is fashionable at the time.


      Despite the abuse, the sneering laughter....the labeling as a loser......whatever.....the speaking  which seeks nothing via the speaking.....continues.

       All I see does help kick up compassion and humility, which I think are the most important things for spiritual evolution. 
      Compassion because whenever a human sees suffering, it is appropriate to feel "their" pain. There is actually
      no "their" there, but that's another story. 
      Actually Bob you raise a very interesting issue......much debated.

      In all the non-dual stuff.....where is compassion, where is empathy, where is reaching out to help.

      Or does the apperception of non-dualness( to use a phrase)......erase all such....."nicesities" .

      It is in and as the existing-of-no-other.....that real compassion arises and flows.

      Akin, the reaching out to cup, the bleeding painful toe.

      It's your reaching out hand, it's your pain, it was you as the stone which stumped the toe.

      It's all you.

      The reaching out is automatic without the intervention of thought and thus total.
      And then the deeper seeing, a seeing which has no gradation......that what was concluded as a partial reaching out, was also a total reaching out....as so.
      That the intervention of thought.......is a thought of so........having no effect whatsoever on anything.

      Similarly, one is humbled as the realization that you are no different becomes more and more apparent with every inward glance at ones own reactivity. 

      Yes just like the observing of the other and the hoopla of the other.....

      ....the observing of the hoopla happening through and as the object with a label.....held to be oneself.


      In any event, I'll say that you can't really live unless
      you appreciate that you will die physically, mentally and
      emotionally, and the only hope is to live consciously,
      now and forever.


      Which really means, to see that there is dying happening right now........both in the domain of mentation, which includes the emotional structure...... as well as in the field of physicality.
      And this dying being observable........that which observes the change/dying...

      ..is not in the realm of the death.

      Nor in the ream of the deathless.

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