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  • Aideen Mckenna
    Jul 9, 2011
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      One never knows what wisdom you will impart in this forum, Sandeep.



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      A Master in grave soto voce.........explained to the gathering... 

      "If you believe a Zen master speaks to make you understand........you  are mistaken . 

      He speaks to totally confound you.......... so that  you give up in disgust and forsake understanding altogether.

      If you say, Ummon's staff isn't real, he'll hit you with it; 


      if you say it exists, he will break it in two and throw it in the fire, and ask you to lean on its ashes."



      Came a voice from the audience..

      "I hope this wasn't Ummon's approach ......when propositioned for oral sex. 

      Or was that why..... he was known to have a very funny walk." 



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      smiles frm N Thailnd

      Mbl sent


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