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17677Re: [Meditation Society of America] I remember the very last time she smiled.

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Jun 13, 2011
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      Thank you, Rey.

      On 6/13/2011 3:32 AM, Reynold Wingate wrote:
      My condolence! I have known you all these years through what you shared here. Most of the time, I was silent but admired your insights. I sense the sorrow of your private loss and pray that, if anything, it changes you for the better in your thoughts and actions.

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      Julia Louise Morgenheim nee
      Spatz, aka "Julie Morgen"
      but much preferring "just
      Julie," born August 22nd,
      1953, died June 12th 2011.
      My life's companion, my
      most trusted confidante,
      the mother of our precious
      and remarkable children,
      our immeasurable loss.

      She loved unconditionally,
      laughed uncontrollably, and
      lit up innumerable lives
      with her unfettered, earthy
      wit and utter lack of
      pretense.  To the very end,
      her courage was astonishing.

      "Bruce, some things just *are*."

                  -- just Julie

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