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17667Re: Mood Changes as a result of meditation

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jun 10, 2011
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      "SN" <shellybn@...> wrote:
      > I have recently returned to practice after more than a decade away from it. Tuesday, I sat for 30 minutes and had a nice session, but Wednesday morning, I woke up completely depressed. I am rarely a depressed person. Is this a normal experience of a beginning meditation practice, or is something else going on? I tend to think it was a reaction to the meditation, because my exercise, eating, and other daily routines have not changed. Thank you all for your insight.
      > Shelly
      Yo Shelly,
      Perhaps we can say that a meditation is beneficial if it
      puts you in touch (and feeling and thought, etc) with
      the Witness to your life. And any resulting depression
      or bliss, or whatever, is not as relevant as the actual
      witnessing. Witnessing is an opening of the gate of
      Self knowledge and reality.

      "Who" witnessed the depression you feel the technique you
      used brought about? Whatever the specific technique was,
      it seems that it did bring you to witnessing your so
      called state of Being ("completely depressed"), and that may
      not be such a bad thing. Perhaps it woke you up in a way
      that previously you would have never recognized that a
      cloud of depression had covered you. And that would be
      what St Martha would call "A good thing". So maybe you
      don't have to end your meditation practice and in fact
      should continue your "reboot", but maybe with a different

      A functional way of gauging whether a meditation is right
      for you is if doing it produces "bad" results (takes your
      peace away). If it brings you peace, it can be considered
      "good". Being a Witness to your life as it is, without
      good or bad judgments is a fine result from a meditation
      technique, and apparently doing this one, this one time,
      did do this. If you want to check out other techniques
      you could consider checking out our web site, Meditation
      Station, at http://www.meditationsociety.com You'll find
      dozens of "how-to" methods methods that are freely shared,
      applicable to every philosophy and religion, and aimed
      at helping you evolve in consciousness without any economic,
      cult or religious obligations involved. Similarly, there
      is an amazing wealth of wisdom to be found on The Covenant at
      http://www.the-covenant.net/ where Sandeep shares a wide
      variety of opportunities to "Get IT!" Another great
      resource is Sri Bruce Morgen's site Come to Realization at
      http://www.atman.net/realization/ There are many other
      excellent meditation resources, but the best one is you
      your-Self. Persevere and you will soon experience that
      there is no better way to know "good" than to use the
      tool of Meditation.

      Peace and blessings,
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