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17638Vipasana Meditation

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  • krish
    May 9, 2011
      Lord Shiva blessed 112 different meditation techniques to human beings to get liberated from suffering and merge in to infinite bliss. Different techniques have been provided to suit individuals likes and dislikes. Buddha underwent severe training and experienced almost all the techniques. During his time, meditation was through word of mouth from saints and high standards were maintained to qualify to learn meditation. Buddha felt that meditation is the right tool to make the world a loving and peaceful place. He did a lot of research and development on different meditation techniques and found out that Vipasana meditation is the easiest to practice by ordinary people. Vipasana meditation is to take things as is and not as you would like to be. Breath and body sensation are the anchors to go mindless to achieve thoughtless. Today, Quantum physics confesses that there is no solidity and everything is energy (vibration). Vedas, Upanishads and Buddha,who was an expert on these declared this theory thousands of years back. Vibration at trillions of times gives an illusion (Maya) that everything is solid. Our cells being replenished every second and this process makes subtle sensations on our body.We are nothing but bundle of thoughts. If we could stop thoughts there is no time or space as time exists between thoughts. Buddha designed this technique for the community welfare and not for the sake of Buddhism. He was against sectarianism.Unfortunately, Buddhism was formed long time after his liberation. He was dead against creation of Buddhism and he used to silence the separatists with a question that if the whole world becomes Buddhists and don't lead a moral life what purpose Buddhism would serve. On the contrary, if the whole world practices a moral life and not call themselves as Buddhists still the ultimate goal is achieved.

      Free ten day meditation camps are held all over the world by the volunteers trained by Shri.S.N.Goenka. For more information, please visit http://www.dhamma.org/en/schedules/schvaddhana.shtml. This technique is pure science involving body, mind and breath. It is a simple technique and no religion or ritual is involved. I am practicing it for the last six years and it has given me an excellent result.