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17617IRS Tax Returns and Lentils

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  • sandeep chatterjee
    Apr 12 12:02 AM
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      In these days of tax returns and US Fed's ability to create nothing out of nothing ..
      ..by printing greenbacks as if there is no tomorrow to be reckoned......
       .....and yet woe betide you if you claim any deductions in your IRS returns.........

      .......reminds .........


       When I lost the roof of my hut to the gale.....

      .....the silver shine of the moon.

      A Wall Street trader came across Diogenes supping from a frugal bowl of lentil soup.
      The Trader, in a soto voce (and gelled hair) observed ..

       " Learn to cultivate Goldman Sacs and you will never need to eat lentils".
       Diogenes replied "Learn to live on lentils and you will not need to be bothered with Lehman Brothers."