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17616What is your shtick

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  • sandeep chatterjee
    Apr 11, 2011
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      Mulla, was a holy man and in the midst of praying several times a day, always waited for someone to land up at his house to share, before eating any meal himself.

      Before Mulla and his guest would start eating, Mulla would invite the guest to joing him in prayers and then they would together eat.

      If none came, that day Mulla would fast.

      Obviously such piety became known all over the region and many a stranger would troop by.

      Once, a 80 year old and yet quite robust in health came to Mulla and as usual, Mulla welcomed the old man for a meal.

      As soon as Mulla started reciting the innayat of Koran, the old man interrupted and said that he did not believe in such sound bytes or the God whose TRP(Television Rating Points) was expected to rise through such  Ponzi-spiel.

      Mulla was furious and kicked the old man out of his house.

      Furiously reciting the prayers  so that such blasphemy was erased from the environ of his house, suddenly Mulla saw God in front of him.

      God asked why he kicked that old man out.

      That #$#*&^% did not believe in you, my Lord, replied Mulla.

      God replied " I know he did not believe in me, but if I have still fed him for 80 years,
      what is your shtick for one lousy meal".