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17599Mullah Nasrudin Supervises

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Mar 28, 2011
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      Once Nasrudin worked in a large corporation.
      One day he was invited to a big meeting with
      all the supervisors in the company. At the beginning
      of the meeting each person there was required to
      present him or herself and something about him
      or herself to the others present.
      "Hi, I'm John Smith", said one, "and I supervise two people".
      "Hello, my name is Mary Jones", said another,
      "and I supervise five people."
      Each person at the meeting took his turn presenting
      themselves and over and over again, each ended
      up saying their name and how many people they
      supervised. Then came Nasrudin's turn.
      "My name is Nasrudin", he said, "and I supervise three people..."
      Everyone in the room looked at each other perplexed.
      "How could this man say he supervises three people?
      He isn't even a supervisor in this company.", they thought.
      Nasrudin continued, "...me, myself, and I."