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17589Nor instantaneous, nor within time

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  • sandeep chatterjee
    Mar 4, 2011
      Seeking to end seeking is another seeking.

      Just like negation of an affirmation is really another affirmation.
      Rebellion in essence is conformity.

      The seeing that in seeking, no matter about what and in whatever form, manner, hue....nothing really gets sought....

      ..is akin, not the skinning of a snake but a natural shedding of skin.

      Patterns, stories, experiences, seekings are not dropped but get dropped....
      ...in and as the seeing ......which sees no skin ever got adhesived in the first place.

      And the question as to how see such a seeing...or how to arrive at such a seeing....

      .. is one more pattern, one more story, one more skin.

      Apperception is not within time.

      Nor can it be said to be instantaneous.