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17586Reverse Evil to Live

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Mar 4, 2011
      By request, from the Meditation Technique Archive
      section of our website:

      Reverse Evil to Live

      Relax wherever and in whatever way you have
      come to know best lets you meditate without
      your mind, body, or emotions distracting you.
      Visualize a healing, loving, soothing light
      coming from every direction and object in the
      universe filling every cell in your body with
      a radiant glow. As your body gets brighter and
      brighter with light, an aura of healing,
      positivity, and goodness radiates out from
      your heart to the infinite reaches of the
      cosmos as the energy of perfection continues
      streaming into you. In your minds eye, as
      vividly as possible, see the person who is
      causing you the most pain right now. There
      are specific and general ways they have caused
      you pain. For instance, they may be humiliating
      you, saying things that are hurtful, bullying
      you, etc. But whatever way it is demonstrated,
      they are causing you physical, mental, or
      emotional suffering. There is something within
      them that has caused them to act this way. See
      their body clearly, covered with a veil of
      sadness that has caused them to act diseased
      and has made you to become the target of their
      dis-ease. It would be appropriate to consider
      them as victims of a spiritual heart attack.
      Their heart is cold and painful. See this sick,
      scarred heart as the cause of the negative energy
      radiating out towards you.

      The reality that they have to suffer with their
      own evil, ignorant, inhumane presence every
      second of the day gives you an understanding
      that allows compassion to flower within you.
      Visualize and send healing light to them from
      your loving and forgiving heart. With every breath
      that you inhale, receive the healing energy the
      universe is beaming towards you. With every exhale,
      send this holy energy to the one whose pain and
      suffering was intended to cause you suffering.
      See their damaged spiritual body and injured heart
      start to glow and be healed. See their heart
      turning warm and soothed, their body, mind, and
      emotions becoming more and more comfortable and
      healthy. As the cycle of holy breath continues,
      feel the union of loving well-being that unites
      you spiritually and know the healing from your
      interactions has started.

      Know that a person's mind causes them to act more out of habit then reaction to reality. Thus, they may continue to act inappropriately in spite of your meditative effort. Continue to do what is right. Send loving compassion and your hopes and prayers for a full recovery for all who are suffering and for all who cause suffering. There is no better protective and healthy force in the universe then compassion. Bath in it, feel it, share it.