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17560Repost from 2005 about Reincarnation

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Feb 13, 2011
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      Incarnation and Reincarnation

      There is no need at all to talk of what we
      are not aware of, and this is very well
      demonstrated by any attempt to talk about
      reincarnation. This is relative to the
      reality that for 99.999% of the time we
      are not aware of the incarnation we are in now.
      Most always we are simply reacting to either
      our sensory input, our emotions, or our mind
      chatter. Our lives can be seen to be like a
      sleepwalker in a dream. Only when we awaken to
      the ongoing present can we speak of this
      incarnation with any validity, let alone any
      past or future ones. Reincarnation is not a
      problem - incarnation is. And what this and all
      our incarnations have in common is the potential
      to awaken. Much like a seed that is dormant,
      needing a sheltering and nurturing environment
      to grow, so is our Real Self waiting to have its
      coverings removed and be revealed for the infinite,
      eternal, blissful flower in full bloom that is its
      destiny. Meditation is an ancient and very
      effective cultivation tool. And you may find
      guidance in meditation by reading the scriptures of
      whatever tradition you are drawn to, by trying
      various methods to be present within and without
      that you are led to, or even by doing nothing but
      keeping your hand open and waiting for the key to
      fall into it that will open the door to the Kingdom
      of God within, or...whatever. But I think you will
      find that actually meditating is the best way to
      learn about meditation, and will be the most
      effective way to proceed with your Coronation in
      this incarnation. And then you can live now and
      happily ever after.

      Peace and blessings,

      PS: This was in response to recent and frequent emails
      we receive asking about what position we take about
      reincarnation, and the seeming inadequacy of our
      usual answer of "sitting down":-)