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17525Some Words From Kir Li Molari

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jan 9, 2011
      Lose your mind
      and gain No-mind.

      Peace at any cost is the right price.

      Fear of death is fear of life.
      Fear of life is fear of death.

      Compassion is always appropriate.

      The bigger the ego, the harder it falls.

      Soul is solo.

      Meditation weds the wisdom of maturity with the wonderment of childhood.

      A flute that is clogged with dirt can't play a beautiful song. The same is true of your mind.

      Meditation melts the iciness of indifference and stimulates the warmth of reverence.

      Everything is new under the Sun.

      Football is great, but the best sport is service to others.

      The more the ego goes, the more the cosmic comes.

      Silence the inner chatterer to hear the celestial choir.

      Meditation changes the awful to the awe full.

      Pleasure and pain come in turn. Meditate and transcend both.

      Beauty is in the I of the Be-holder.

      Belief in God is theoretical. Knowledge of God is experiential.

      Simplicity in complexity demonstrates wisdom.

      We remain in elementary school as long as we cling to the elements.

      Where is God not?
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