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17523The Nature of Self in Dharma Philosophy

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  • drfmrls
    Jan 3, 2011
      The Nature of Self in Dharma Philosophy

      By Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya

      "The over five-thousand year old realm of traditional South Asian philosophy has, historically, included a very wide array of schools, concerns and philosophical positions. Many of the very same concerns that were to be discussed much later in the Western philosophical tradition found their first systematic expressions in South Asia centuries, and in some cases millennia, before their Western articulation. These include many of the issues to be found in the fields of epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, politics, ontology and psychology. Of the many topics discussed in South Asian philosophy, one of the most overwhelmingly prevalent has been the debate over the exact nature of the human self. Different schools have held very dissimilar views on this question, ranging from the notion that there is no real self (Buddhism and Charvaka), to the idea that the self is nothing less than the omnipotent, unlimited Absolute (Advaita), with many other positions in between these two extremes...."



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      Aum Tat Sat