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17510An Offering from the Meditation Society of America

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Dec 19, 2010
      At this very moment, all the love, bliss,
      and wisdom of the universe is available
      for recognition, use, and enjoyment. Some
      of those who are reading these words are
      simultaneously conscious of this. To most
      though, this is theoretical and is something they are
      still seeking to know first hand. What virtually
      all of us have in common is the understanding that
      meditation is an important part of the path
      to the ecstatic experience that will end our
      quest, and help us to begin living our life
      happily ever after. All of the projects of the
      Meditation Society of America, like this forum,
      are offered with humility and compassion as a
      tool to help you end your searching and
      begin living the ever-present divine reality.