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17469Masturbation Causes Blindness

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 14, 2010
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      Physical masturbation is no problem but mental
      masturbation will make you blind…to Reality,
      Truth, the Infinite, the Eternal, and to all
      the similar adjectives, adverbs and clichés in
      the entire Universe. Every time your mind
      chatters, your judgments, comparisons and
      comments distract and hide what you really want
      behind your musings about the object of your
      chatter. Even the most lofty philosophical,
      scientific, religious or political mutterings
      of your little mind are finite, incomplete,
      energy draining and illusionary and blind you
      to All and Everything. Just as there is no real
      experience of an orange's taste from just talking
      about it, and the only way to know its reality
      is to take a bite, there is nothing you can know
      from words about it….you must know it experientially.
      And even then, if you start chattering about it and
      are not just silently experiencing it, you will
      immediately be blind to the flavor of whatever you
      are "biting into".

      What Cures Blindness

      Sure you've gotten off pretty joyfully from mentally masturbating and at times have found it satisfying (to your ego) and that's partly why you keep doing it, but as soon as you trade in your habitual masturbation for some real meditative intercourse with the universe, you'll come to appreciate life on a whole new level. Take a break from your mental and emotional running around in circles and meditate. Virtually any meditation method you use will "work" (bring you greater peace, wisdom, and bliss) better than just letting your mind run wild. Not just mentally masturbating about meditation, but actually meditating and practicing control of your mind will diminish and end your inner chatter, eventually or suddenly, and all of "IT" will come to you. All your ????'s and !!!'s will scatter like dust in the wind and your eyes will see un-blinded what was here and is here now and always, and you will live happily ever after.