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17444Words of Wisdom by Swami Sivananda

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Oct 14 6:12 PM

      I am neither male nor female;
      I am neither dvaita (dualism) nor advaita (nonĀ­-dualism);
      I am neither saguna (with qualities) nor nirguna (without qualities);
      I am neither seer nor hearer;
      I am neither body nor mind;
      I am neither far nor near;
      I am neither black nor red;
      I am neither thin nor stout;
      I live neither by food nor by air;
      I neither move nor stop;
      I shall neither go to hell nor to heaven;
      I neither laugh nor weep;
      I work and yet I do not work;
      I hear without ears and see without eyes;
      I smell without nose and taste without tongue;
      Few understand Me.
      He who understands Me, sits in silence.
      Sivananda says: "Mysterious is that silence.
      Drown yourself in that silence
      And be happy."
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