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17432The Way Finders

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  • sandeep chatterjee
    Oct 5, 2010

      There is a book called "The Way Finders"

      The book is a collection of the Massey Lectures given at the University of Toronto, Canada by Wade Davis.

      A series of beautiful lectures........on ancient wisdom(s) collated from different regions/tribes across the globe...

      .....lores from the Kalahari deserts,  from the Australian aborigines, from the Polynesian islands,  from the Anaconda people in the Amazon basin, the Inuit natives of North America, the native tribes in Indonesia.

      The narration is wonderful .........and the ethos of the narration, meditative.

      Invite the locating of the book in your neighborhood library or even buying it
      and reading.

      The ISBN Code is 978-0-88784-766-0

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