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17430RE: [Meditation Society of America] The eluding

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  • Aideen Mckenna
    Oct 3, 2010
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      Thank you, Sandeep.  I like the pot/ocean analogy.


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      In the numerous "walkings" over the years..........sooner or later....

      ......the question in different ways/manner comes to...

      ....the sage/Guru/enlightened Master/whatever-the-term .....

      ....being one with that-which-is/Absolute ......

      YET............is still seemingly present to answer the same ad-nauseum questions, expressing compassion/empathy/solace,  evidently seen to be engaged in some income generating activity to pay the bills, displaying exultation at something happening, grief at something else happening, rooting for a favourite cricket team and booing the opposition.

      What gives?

      Various eludings were invoked by such a question, at various moments.

      Today, the eluding is via an allegory.

      There is the ocean and there is an earthen pot filled with water of the ocean.

      The earthen pot filled with water, gets dipped in the ocean and the water in the pot merges with the water of the ocean.

      The water does not experience any difference, but the water in the pot can continue to witness the submerged pot......... till the pot itself de-coalesces..

      The vehicle, the instrument of the pot, aka the biological sentient object continues to be available, for an enacting of whatever that needs such a vehicle for the enacting..

      ie. speaking, empathizing, generating paper to clear other papers,
      roaring at touchdowns and or obtuse seekers.......

      ...... the whole gamut....

      .....without an iota of difference or distinction getting created...

      .....in and as the enacting.

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