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17424New Book by Vicki Woodyard

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Sep 30, 2010
      A book written by one of the spiritual internet's
      most talented and wisest writers, Vicki Woodyard,
      has been published. Vicki's writings have appeared
      on this group as well as in our newsletter, The
      Inner Traveler. We are pleased to spread the
      word about this opportunity to get not just an appetizer,
      but a full course meal of her insights.
      LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT; That's How The Light Gets In,
      is the title. Unsurprisingly,it has gotten good reviews so far:

      Scott Kiloby, Author of Reflections of the
      One Life, Love's Quiet Revolution, and
      Living Realization, says:
      "This is good reading. It made me smile and laugh.
      The words are drenched with love and a sense
      of humor along with reverence and awe for
      the mystery of life. I recommend this book!"

      Greg Goode, author of Standing As Awareness, says:
      "A close-to-the-bone book about love, death, loss,
      and...love. Heartbreakingly honest, brave and inspiring!"

      John LeKay, Nondualitymagazine.org, says
      " LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT is a must read for
      anyone interested in conscious suffering...written
      with brutal unflinching honesty, wit and wisdom
      and in the spirit of divine grace. This is the
      story of a brave woman's journey of finding
      oneness in her own quiet inner voice."

      The book can be found at Booklocker.com at