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17419Re: Some tidbit from Nisarga

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Sep 26 6:46 AM
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      That you are awake and alive is itself a concept, at this moment.
      Go back to the source, before this concept arose, what was your state?

      I don't know.

      That which you don't know is the true state.

      Everything that comes after this consciousnesses arises, is useless,
      consciousnesses is useless.

      So the search, all aspects of it belong the same?

      Throw away every thought, every experience, everything that happens after this consciousness has risen.

      Other than throwing it away as useless, there is nothing to be done beyond this understanding in which you are more and more absorbed.

      In the jnani beingness has reached the state of no-beingness, still appearances will happen, how will one act?

      It is something like the dream world......everything is happening and not only you but nobody is doing anything.

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