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17394Words of Wisdom by Swami Chidananda

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Sep 3, 2010
      The Conscious and Inert

      "The inert continues to exist as it is;
      the conscious ever advances, ever evolves,
      ever improves and masters everything. Thus
      man as the conscious being is the powerful
      one. He exerts his influence, and the inert
      yields to the power and the force that
      consciousness brings to bear on it. "

      "Therefore, from a pragmatic and rational
      point of view, it is meaningless to say that
      the universe is bondage, that we are caught
      in samsara (the process of worldly life)
      and helplessly suffer. It is a wrong notion,
      a misstatement, a contradiction of the true,
      inner, essential fact. The universe cannot
      bind anyone. Samsara has no power because it
      is jada, or inert. It has no power to bind;
      it cannot hold anyone in thraldom, in bondage.
      It has no power of its own; it cannot cling
      to you, bind you, hold you down from becoming
      whatever you wish to become. It is you who
      cling to it. It is you who are aware of its
      existence, who act and set up relationships.
      Bondage arises from you, not from samsara,
      not from this world, not from this creation
      of God. It does nothing. You are the one who
      has become bound by your own way of relating
      yourself to samsara, by your own way of
      failing to understand samsara and by wrongly
      understanding things around you."
      - Swami Chidananda
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