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17336Re: [Meditation Society of America] Question about self-moha!

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  • Sandeep
    Jul 10, 2010

      Greg Brown wrote:

      I have been reading your pages of your web site, and I have also been working on using positive affirmations, meditations, etc... before I knew about your site. I have leaned that I have one of the worst habits possible for a human being, that is giving myself negative thoughts,

      Just like positive thought, negative thought.......is a thought about thought.

      See, both as creativity as and of thought-play and be done with the drama.


      Self- Moha?

      Moha, in Sanskrit means desire or attachment.

      With what connotation are you using the term?

      all the time, a habit learned from an abusive childhood. I strongly believe in morality, justice and kindness - but, I do not give this to myself! This habit has been exceptionally hard to break and change into a positive inner dialog or even more appropriately and accepting dialog, as I am not able to recognize when I do it, as it is such a deeply ingrained habit for me to do to myself. I know all the techniques in cognitive retraining,

      A re-trained thought is thought believing itself to have been altered, changed, morphed.

      but can not seem to get to correcting this negative inner dialog.  I thought "maybe there is a way meditation can help me change this debilitating habitual negative inner dialog".

      Enquire.......to whom does thought (negative or positive) happen to?

      Rather than the content of the parcel and the surrounding qualification of the content...

      ...who is it that has taken delivery of the parcel?

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