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17331Question about self-moha!

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  • Greg Brown
    Jul 9 10:55 AM
      I have been reading your pages of your web site, and I have also been working on using positive affirmations, meditations, etc... before I knew about your site. I have leaned that I have one of the worst habits possible for a human being, that is giving myself negative thoughts, self-moha, all the time, a habit learned from an abusive childhood. I strongly believe in morality, justice and kindness - but, I do not give this to myself! This habit has been exceptionally hard to break and change into a positive inner dialog or even more appropriately and accepting dialog, as I am not able to recognize when I do it, as it is such a deeply ingrained habit for me to do to myself. I know all the techniques in cognitive retraining, but can not seem to get to correcting this negative inner dialog.  I thought "maybe there is a way meditation can help me change this debilitating habitual negative inner dialog".
      Do you have any thoughts, as I would be honored and glad to consider them.
      Thank you, Greg.

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