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  • Sandeep
    Jul 7, 2010
      Hi Sean,

      sean tremblay wrote:

      I agree, with the points you have made, and I only brought up Afghanistan because of the mention of Islam and Democracy in the first post.  I also agree that this is not a forum for discussing geopolitics, but it seems to be hinted at from time to time, so I chimed in.  Religion can be a powerful thing and it can anchor us and give us a sense of place and belonging.  I would never presume to take that away from anybody, but all religions have turned thier teaching into tools of destruction at one time or another.  In discussing compassion I personally believe that we have some obligation to one another, so I ask the question, When practicing compassion in the world, how far should your compassion extend or is thier a border for that as well a sort of spiritual "Durand" line?

      Like the Durand line exists only in the imagination (and people are ready to kill for such figments of thought)..

      ..the belief that compassion can be practiced and the immediate co-created question with that belief..........as to how much or how long can such practices be continued......is creativity of thought.

      Aka......don't I have a personal life to lead.......or is it only a constant Hail Sister Mary act to be laboured at?

      When there is no defining of what compassionate acts or practices are........there is no sense of a pursuit of "doing compassion".

      There is thus no created story around what  is unfolding.......as to what it stands for....... thus the absence of a stake, absence of an agenda.

      And thus an absence of thought aka "how far or how long to go"

      There is a milieu of existing, in which some who enters that milieu, that ambit........ experiences compassion, empathy, benediction...

      ... quite irrespective of whatever action took place or did not take place.

      Now to an on-looker, whatever is unfolding might appear as cold, indifferent, ordinary, limited, temporary.

      Or as deep warmth, extraordinary sympathy, compassionate acts of the greatest heights........ unlimited, perpetual.

      To the milieu of existing......there is neither the "other".

      And thus neither a sense of exchange with this no-other.

      With no sense of exchange, there is no defining of such an no-exchange(as warm or cold etc).

      Nor the limitation of time or space for such no-exchange.

      There is no sense of a need to turn it "on" or "off".

      And thus in the absence of limitation, even "unlimited" has no meaning.

      For the milieu of existing which went under the label......Jesus.....there was neither the leper to healed, or the dead to be raised, or the rabble to be whipped in the corridors of the temple.

      Healing, compassion, love, empathy......was the constant raining........irrespective of the recipient or the manner in which it poured.

      So what about regular Joe, struggling to make it through to the next paycheck.

      Faced with a situation which has a scope for whatever form of empathy or compassion to arise and extend........one does whatever one is moved to.

      In whatever form and in whatever measure.

      And for whatever time ....one is moved to.

      Knowing that no matter what did get to unfold.......in precisely the manner it did.....

      ......it could not have been different ......to what did get played out.

      Moment to moment to moment.

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