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17277Evolution of Meditation

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  • WestWind
    Jun 8, 2010
      First I was curious about how the mind worked, the waking intellectual state versus emotions, and decided that emotions ruled. Once I really got in touch with my feelings through meditation, I perceived that the intellect would rationalize to fit the emotions. The clue here was that I could feel out of sorts and not know why, but with meditation, the reason would come into my consciousness. And here before that I thought the intellect ruled over my life. Since emotions were the driver of my actions, I needed to work them out. After many years of inspection using meditation, and changing how I behaved so that it would affect a change my personality, those hidden feelings worked themselves into nothing. The feelings, the grasping, went away forever. So then there were many years of meditation about issues as they came up, instant knowledge on how to behave in the instance that things happened. In its way it was better than knowing the future, or being able to read someone's mind. Most recently, there seems a desire to just know and experience the meditative state.
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