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17275Sage Advice by Kir Li Molari

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jun 8, 2010
      Until there are no questions, there is no

      The only thing telling you something's
      wrong is your mind. Nevermind!

      Time is subjective. Be objective - don't let
      time subject you. Whenever anything
      happens, it is the right time for it to occur.

      If we give up the Will in will power, we
      will have power. If we give up the Will in
      free will, we will be free.

      If your action/reaction brings you
      serenity, it's good. If your action/reaction
      diminishes your serenity, it's bad.

      At best, perfect health is just putting death
      on hold. You are not your body.

      Whatever happened had to. Whatever will
      happen has to. There's nothing to worry
      about or do. Just watch the show and
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