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  • medit8ionsociety
    May 31, 2010
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      If you keep your mind from judging
      and aren't led by the senses,
      your heart will find peace.
      Lao-Tzu, Tao-te-Ching 52

      I look upon the judgement of right and wrong
      as the serpentine dance of a dragon.

      Stop using your discriminating mind
      to make arbitrary judgements and conceptions.

      The great Way is not difficult
      if you don't cling to good or bad.
      Just let go of your preferences;
      and everything will become perfectly clear.

      The Perfect Way is only difficult
      for those who pick and choose;
      do not like, do not dislike; all will then be clear.
      Make a hairbreadth difference,
      and Heaven and Earth are set apart.
      Wherever there is division into this or that,
      there is no truth.
      If you want the truth to stand clear before you,
      never be for or against.
      The struggle between 'for' and 'against'
      is the mind's worst disease.
      Only cease to cherish opinions.
      When no discrimination is made between this and that,
      how can a one-sided and prejudiced view arise?
      The enlightened have no likes and dislikes;
      all forms of dualism are contrived by the ignorant.
      Seng Ts'an, Trust in the Heart

      Why do you see the speck that is in your brothers eye,
      and not the log in your own eye?
      Jesus, Matthew 7.3

      Judge not, or you will be judged.
      Condemn not, or you will be condemned.
      Jesus, Luke 6.37

      Let him who is without sin among you
      be the first to throw a stone.
      Jesus, John 8.7

      What concern is it of yours
      whether a man is good or evil, or what he says or does?
      You will not be called on to answer for others.
      Imitation of Christ 3.24

      If you judge people, you have no time to love them.
      Mother Teresa

      To make a judgement is to be bound by the result.

      Everything is perfect in its suchness, just as it is.

      All things have been abiding in Nirvana from the beginning.

      Not a sparrow falls from the sky
      without the Fathers will.
      Jesus, Matthew 10.29

      I know and am persuaded in the Lord Jesus
      that nothing is unclean in itself;
      but it is unclean for anyone
      who thinks it is unclean.
      Paul, Romans 14.14

      To the pure all things are pure,
      but to the corrupt and the unbelieving nothing is pure;
      their very minds and consciences are corrupted.
      Paul, Titus 1.15

      Everything created by God is good,
      and nothing is to be rejected
      if it is received with thanksgiving
      by those who believe and know the truth.
      Paul, 1 Timothy 4.4

      Nothing happens without Him,
      nor does anything happen without the will of the Father,
      but His will is incomprehensible.
      Gospel of Truth 37.20

      Nothing happens apart from the will of Allah.

      God's in His Heaven,
      and all's right with the world.
      Robert Browning

      Student: Master, half the holy life
      is friendship and association with the beautiful.
      Buddha: Say not so!
      It is not half of the holy life.
      It is the whole of the holy life.

      Every misfortune that befalls the earth,
      or your own persons,
      is ordained before we bring it into being,
      so that you may not grieve
      for the good things that you miss
      or be overjoyed at what you gain.
      Koran, Iron

      No misfortune befalls except by Allah's will.
      Such is the Lord's decree.
      Koran, Cheating

      Had Allah willed,
      He himself could punish sinners immediately,
      but He has ordained it thus
      that He might test you, one by the other.
      Koran, Mohammed

      A diamond is a chunk of coal
      that made good under pressure.
      Pearls of Wisdom
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