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17172Re: [Meditation Society of America] What happens to the ego?

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  • medit8ionsociety
    May 16 8:07 AM
      sean tremblay <bethjams9@...> wrote:
      > I have yet to meet anybody who truly operates in a non dualist manner, To stress the point offer a non dualist the choice of a hot fudge sunday or a punch in the mouth, they would probably choose the sunday, if they do not then they probably need therapy from a licensed professional because there is a diagnosis for that.

      Swami Krishnananda, a senior disciple of Swami Sivananda
      had this to say as part of answering a question about
      the aim of life:

      Swamiji: What should be the aim of your life? Tell me.

      Visitor: You should see to your own qualities, your
      own intelligence andÂ…

      Swamiji: You should not look to your own quality.
      You have to look to the various stages of life.
      I mentioned to you the various stages of the
      development of thought. You go gradually from
      the lower to the higher. You are not looking at
      any particular thing - neither to yourself, nor
      to society, nor to the world, nor even to God
      Himself - but you have to look to all things at
      the same time, in different gradations or ascents,
      and you must know where you stand. You should
      not jump too high by thinking that you are on a
      higher level when you are actually on a lower.
      Generally we suffer and come in conflict on account
      of our theoretical imagining that we are on a
      higher level while practically we are on a lower
      one. That is called worry, mental tension, etc.
      Tension is the problem that is created by a
      theoretical future and a practical present.
      [laughs] So you should be very wise. You should
      not try to soar to the sky very quickly. When
      your feet are planted on earth, you must know that
      they are on the earth; you should not think you
      are in heaven.

      People say, "Oh! I am concerned only with
      God, spirituality and yoga." That is not true.
      This kind of statement will not work; and, it
      is not a fact. The fact is that you are in the
      world. When the wind blows, you feel cold; you
      have hunger, you have thirst, sleep... And there
      are many other considerations. So you must
      eschew the idea that you are thinking only
      of God. One must be realistic. Though the aim
      should be to transcend these lower limitations,
      you cannot ignore their presence when they are there.
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