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  • medit8ionsociety
    May 15, 2010
      When I go to Youtube and search Swami Satchidananda,
      the Dalai Lama, and a few others, I find dozens of videos
      about consciousness, inner peace, yoga, meditation,
      how to be happy, etc. In them, I don't see them talking
      about their own "Enlightenment" or their "Enlightenment
      experience". They never seem to talk about anything
      that doesn't diminish others suffering and instead points
      to their own personal spiritual achievements. So I conclude
      that they are simply vehicles for higher energy and
      wisdom to flow through, and that they personally have no
      agenda other than sharing selflessly for the good of all
      of us.

      As the moderator of this forum, and to respond to recent
      emails criticizing some posts, I think that these kinds
      of videos are well worth pointing to relative to what
      I think this forum should be used for...IE: Sharing
      things help people evolve in consciousness and lead
      towards living happily ever after.

      Maybe this isn't a fair or accurate conclusion, but I agree
      that there needs to be some criteria for what gets posted
      here and as moderator that task falls on me. In the past
      I have found it necessary to not allow some posts
      that I thought were inappropriate. These included
      ones pointing to cult sites, ads aimed at selling things,
      ones aimed at putting down other posters, etc. So, for
      the past year or so I have put all new members on
      moderation and have deleted posts from current members
      that had no value except toward furthering the
      personal gain (egotistically or materially) of the people
      who posted them.

      Another plague that has hit other groups is that people
      post URL's that lead to viruses. So, what I am asking
      for is to please be considerate and avoid posting for
      ego's sake or to exploit or to be hurtful or harmful
      to others.


      Peace blessings,
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