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17156Painting God

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  • Papajeff
    May 11, 2010
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      Once we have made the journey
      into the mystic, we become
      inspired storytellers, guides,
      artists, poets, musicians...

      who spend our lives romancing
      what cannot be put into words.

      Picasso once said that the
      true artist is always trying
      to paint God.

      When we pay attention to the
      inner stirring that longs to
      know who we are and why we
      are here (especially in times
      of trouble, and a troubled
      mind) we begin to attune to
      the inspired work all around
      us, every day.

      Lyrics that were usually heard
      as a silly love song become
      words from God about love for
      us and longing for communion.

      A story or even a passage in
      a story reveals a new layer
      of meaning.

      A work of art brings tears.

      These are markers along the
      journey. If you have ever
      experienced something like

      your heart is attuned to
      hear the message of the mystics
      in a whole new light.

      Meditation prepares our
      heart to step into the light
      of new understanding about
      who we are and why we are

      It comes as a wisdom whisper
      without words...

      beautiful, blissful, enrapturing...
      begin to describe the mystical
      awakening known to virtually
      all spiritual traditions.

      And it can come while watching
      a sunrise, listening to an
      awakened teacher, or at a
      mud wrestling contest - once
      your heart is prepared.

      One Love,

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