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  • medit8ionsociety
    May 7, 2010
      We are thinking too small. We erroneously exclusively
      identify ourselves and who we are with our body. In
      reality we are consciousness infinitely connected to
      everything in the universe. Our body is made of
      billions of cells that have come together to form a
      unit. The cells grow, divide, wither, shed. They
      are in constant movement. Uncountable armies of
      molecules merge, interact, transfer chemicals and
      information to form and reform the cells in a
      neverending dance. The molecules are made up of
      atoms that arrange and rearrange in trillions of
      combinations, and they in turn are made of quarks
      that are made up of pre-atomic energy that has been
      in movement since the Big Bang.

      This is the same energy that forms all life, as well
      as the elements that form the earth itself. All life
      on this planet is in movement. The continents that
      comprise and contain all the land masses are in
      constant motion as are the oceans. The earth itself
      is spinning around itself as well as in an orbit
      that pulls on and is pulled by its sister planets
      and their moons as it and they revolve around the
      sun. The whole solar system is revolving as it
      spins around our galaxy. The Milky Way and its
      one hundred billion stars are moving in concert
      with billions of other galaxies that are traveling
      around our local galactic cluster and the billions
      of galactic clusters are combining and intersecting
      to form uncountable super galactic clusters that
      make up our ever expanding Universe.

      We are not apart from this evolution and movement.
      We are a part of it. The same pre-atomic, quarkian,
      atomic, molecular, cellular structures that makes
      up everything in the Universe makes us up.

      Feel this expansive unity. Know your "body" to
      extend beyond the sack that contains your organic
      cellular structure. You are atomic, pre-atomic,
      interactive infinitely, eternally, with everything

      Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet place with
      your mind and body as calm as possible. Visualize
      your sub-atomic and universal connectiveness and
      every level between. Try not to comment, compare,
      analyze, critique or classify. Just visualize. If
      you must, to quiet your mind, repeat "I am infinite",
      "I am immortal", or any other phrase or word that
      has an uplifting significance to you. Practicing this
      meditation will free you from the bondage of ego
      driven separatist identification and lead you to
      reunion with your spiritual birthright -- liberation
      of your consciousness. Merge with it all, all of
      the time and experience a universal perspective
      of infinite knowledge and bliss.