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  • medit8ionsociety
    May 1, 2010
      I don't know if you can answer this or not.
      I have been on this path for awhile. I use
      visualization for mild knee and hip pain and
      find it to be effective. I have an ADAM dvd
      with suggested visualizations for various
      conditions, but I don't know which would lend
      itself (for me) for veins, arteries and capillaries
      etc. I would like to know if you can suggest an
      image to visualize for varicose and spider veins.
      I have found on anatomical image of a healthy vein
      with the valve open and blood flowing towards the
      heart and another vein with the valve closed, but
      that just doesn't do it for me. I'm looking for
      something that I could visualize on a large
      "body-wide scale". I have varicose and spider
      veins. I am starting to get spider veins on my
      stomach. I know that the mind is incredibly powerful.
      I am very healthy otherwise.
      I think I have the genetics for this from my
      mother and my father but I am trying to not let
      that discourage me.
      I appreciate any suggestions or input you could
      give but also understand if you are unable to or
      if this isn't the appropriate place to seek advice.
      Either way, thank you in advance.

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