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  • mary kelly
    Apr 9, 2010

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      Dear Faithe,

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      > I appreciate the belief in this "ONENESS" stuff...however I
      > believe that...not at all.


      Yes it is not a belief.

      Belief and it's counter part aka non-belief about a particular
      belief/all beliefs...

      ...are the same chattering of thought.


      I don't want to be one with all, and through
      > meditation have learned that the most I can do is be myself,
      > myself and change myself.
      > I am no more "one with all" than I am my father or mother. I am
      > separate from them as I am from each of you, and every other part of
      > nature. I can be AFFECTED by others and nature, but I am not you, I am
      > not the wind, I am not the birds, I am just me.



      Now what is that "I" which was repeated so many times in that

      What or who is that "I" which is not blah blahr?

      And whatever thought arises as an answer.....

      ....the quest remains.....

      .....who is it that took delivery of that thought and believed that to
      be the answer.

      Very soon the quest deepens........as to who is it that is .....in this
      very quest as to what is this "I"?

      Viewing these pixels.....immediately thought may arise as "Oh that's a
      stupid useless infinite regress and I have better things to do at the

      The quest remains..........who is it that took delivery of the thought "
      "Oh that's a stupid useless infinite regress blah blah.

      And the taste of that which is.

      Which is not an experience of a taste......... for thought ....

      (and taste is just the thought of the experience of an

      ......thought can never partake this feast.


      > No, the drop of water is no more the ocean than I am the Earth.



      Now forget water, Ocean, mudslides and Earth.

      Who has taken delivery of this thought as that particular assertion.

      What is asserted or what is negated...........is hoopla of thought.

      It is of no import.

      Where is the delivery taking place?

      Where is the stake of ownership getting driven aground?

      Can the destination be any different to the source?

      Can there be anything as a separative locale as a destination?

      Can there be anything as a separative locale as a source?


      > Bob --- you really got to me when you offered this:
      > What I suggest is that you actually sit in
      > meditation and see what it does for you. I expect there
      > is little likelihood that you will start wearing a cross
      > or a yalmulka or start treating cows as gods. What I do
      > think will happen is that you will gain great insight
      > into who you are and what life is all about. And these
      > realizations will form a Faithe religion you can have real
      > faith in.
      > You infer that I do not meditate. Think about what you wrote. Think
      > about the perception that one has about YOU when you offer this to
      > EVERYONE meditates...it is as natural as breathing. What is NOT
      > are all the guidelines espoused to others to better perfect their
      > meditation.
      > I just finished reading a book - "House to House". It is written
      by an
      > army infantryman and gives an actual account of what was incurred in
      > battle of Fallulah in Iraq. While this soldier was fighting for his
      > life, bleeding & being choked by his enemy, looking eye-to-eye with
      > each other, he is meditating! He gives a deep glimpse into his psyche
      > and what was going on with him as he finally is able to reach for his
      > knife and begin the long & painful death moves against the Iraqi
      > insurgent. He is talking to "god". He is talking to himself,
      > how he is ever going to be able to live with himself after this.
      > I challenge all of you to read this book and then site all the
      > repartee of "ONENESS" and how everything is as it should be.


      If anything has appeared as a phenomenal event...........it could not
      have been otherwise.

      Including the appearance of thought as a challenge for glorious

      And including this very repartee.


      > I feel more and more isolated the older I get...and I do not mean this
      > in a negative way. I LIKE IT.


      A true liking of isolation......would it have a space.....for an arising
      need to assert it.

      Who is the other.......... in the gestalt of isolation...... to whom an
      assertion can be made to.

      In isolation.........can the recognition of isolation be cognized?

      It is only within the cognition of a crowd.......that the belief of
      being in isolation ....exists.


      > Everywhere I go religion of one type or another is thrown out as
      > explanations for all that is. I am SO SICK of the BIBLE, the KORAN and
      > all the other religion writings in the world. It is written, most
      > accept it, so it must be right! It is not right for me. I look at the
      > universe and realize what peabrains we really are and take that into
      > consideration when whether to accept or not accept these spiritual
      > writings. They are all nothing more than a means to control the people
      > AND a means for people to not take responsibility for their own lives
      > situations. Spouting off snips of writings (such as "thy will be
      > just turns my guts.


      A good workout of the guts does wonders for constipation.


      > This "source" that all talk about. Let me tell you my thoughts
      on THE
      > SOURCE. The source is as dysfunctional as my parents (and obviously as
      > dysfunctional as me) given the current state of affairs.


      Which assumes that current state of affairs is dysfunctional.

      Rather than the definings as "Functional", "Dysfunctional" (they just
      keep changing with time)

      who is it that is taking delivery of the thought as the particular


      The source fucked up.


      What is wrong is some good old fucking up?

      You advised above that you came to be around....

      ..... due to some of the same good old nookey.

      And without a fucked-up Faithe, how can the fuck-up be a TOTAL Fuck-up?



      I envision our "source" no more than another peabrain
      > seaching for its source! It was given certain rules, earned power of
      > some type, and thoroughly fucked up the planet Earth with human
      > It is now totally out of control (called global warming). Now if that
      > isn't indication of the total mess we find ourselves in, then I don't
      > know what is!


      Why do you assume that the continued state of existence as it appears to

      ..which includes a tiny microscopically iota of a mote of dust called
      this Universe.....

      ..... within which appears an infinitesimally small speck of a planet...

      ... in which dots further infinitesimally wisps .....popularly called
      humans with their issues

      whether it is their breeches getting warmed up or global warming....

      ....why do you assume that the continued state of existence as it
      appears to be,

      is a vaunted goal of any significance?

      Has the appearance actually appeared in the first place?


      > We are born, we live, we die..


      This is the nub.

      Is there birth?
      Is there living?
      Is there death?

      What is that apriori believed assumption .......which lends credence to
      the above beliefs?


      >.and what grandiose schemes we have
      > created to beat our chests with pride!
      > I have shared a tiny-weeny bit with you. I have NOT shared the big
      > because in doing so, I know what happens...and I just don't want to go
      > through that.

      > I will tell you this, there is NOTHING that I cannot learn
      > if I want to - through meditation.


      That which is learned or experienced..

      ...no matter how profound or profane the believed dimensions of the
      particular learning/experience....

      ...is not meditation.

      Laaaa Deee Dada Dada Deeee

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