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17120The Day I Became Invisible

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  • Papajeff
    Apr 9 3:28 AM
      One of my favorite daydreams
      as a child was the idea of
      being invisible. With extreme
      stealth I would slip through
      a room full of people,
      apparently unnoticed.

      No one spoke to me or looked
      my way. Then one day, July 21,
      1975 at about 9:30 in the
      morning, it really happened.
      I was quietly meditating and
      in a flash of a moment...

      I disappeared into a mist
      of Unconditional Love -
      never to be seen again.

      Oh, you can still see my body
      and hear my voice...but no
      one can see "Me", or what
      Ramana called the "I-I".

      Just imagine the freedom
      of being invisible. Nothing
      in the world can threaten
      or disturb. We just become
      the witness of whatever
      we choose.

      Another one of meditation's
      magic shows.

      One Love,