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17072Love is an arrow

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  • Papajeff
    Mar 31, 2010
      It has been said that
      learning to love is THE
      solution to everything
      that disturbs our peace
      of mind.

      But we do not learn to
      love by rational choice
      or process, or by moral

      Love is an arrow that
      pierces the heart.

      When it hits, we die to
      an old self and a new
      Loving Self emerges.

      If we feel a certain
      emptiness, that the deep
      love of the poets and
      artists and romantics has
      eluded us, it is because
      we have locked our identity
      up in a prison of the mind.

      And the mind, the ego -
      as popularly considered,
      stands as a sentinel, and
      grabs anything that comes
      close to our conscious
      awareness and offers up
      a rational explanation.

      That is the only tool
      of the mind. And in its
      protective role (that we
      have given it) it catches
      any arrows of unfamiliar

      but, a couple of possibilities
      (at least) exist. One, a
      stunningly beautiful person
      comes into your life and
      before the mind can react,
      cupid zings an arrow right
      on target.

      The other, is when you are
      meditating or completely
      absorbed in some activity -
      watching a sunrise or
      viewing a work of art, or
      any number of things...
      and the mind chatter goes

      If you have been longing
      for love or peace of mind,
      especially with ardent
      desire, in this silent
      moment THE arrow of Love
      can hit...and change
      everything, everything,
      everything in your entire

      The old self dies and a
      new Loving Self emerges.
      There's no way to explain
      it. It must be experienced
      to be understood...

      but if the mention of it
      resonates in your heart,
      you're on the right path.

      One Love,

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