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17063Taoism's Meditative Perspective

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Mar 24, 2010
      Yin and Yang meet at the Tao. And when One
      looks at the Yin Yang sign, right before
      our eyes, but unrecognized by most, the Tao
      not only is the line where the Yin and Yang
      meet, but also is the line of the circle that
      encircles them. And that line is floating
      in space, open to the eternal and infinite.
      And any point of the line and/or circle is
      touching and yet untouched (as in unaffected)
      by either Yin or Yang within, and balances them
      perfectly. So, the Yin offers a way to transcend,
      and the Yang does as well. Each is totally in
      touch with the Tao. And once transcended, neither
      Yin nor Yang is recognized as apart from the
      other, and is seen as a part of all. To me,
      meditation is very Taoist, and includes inquiry
      as well as silence. The chattering mind has
      the potential to be stilled by both methods,
      and that is when the Witnessing awareness
      (Transcendence, the 0 point, Enlightenment, etc)
      that is, was and will always be present is
      recognized and realized and that is when life
      becomes lived balanced happily ever after.